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June 11, 1967 Sunday

Anticipating departure on Thursday, I closed up my newly organized personal files today with the help of Vicky and Anthony Manousos. I shall not look at them again until fall. They are in fair order now: my correspondence with Jill is arranged by date in three files of two thousand letters in all; all other correspondence is arranged alphabetically in four files. Documents and photos are collected in two drawers. My manuscripts are in another bank of eight files, forming altogether the materials of seven new volumes. Current projects have their place too -- The American Government textbook, the scope of federal government activities, the Velikovsky affair, the Behavioral Research Council's book in honor of George Lundberg, NYU matters, and so on.

Metron files are in fair shape. The URS files are all under the wing of Carl Martinson now.

We are soliciting funds for the URS and related systems under a new name, Princeton Information Technology, Inc. of which I am to have 48% of the shares, Carl 22 and John Simeone 22. The new corporation is intended for a public stock issue in December. It will have one million shares of which 300,000 will go to the three principals, 50,000 would be sold now for a dollar a share to get immediate operating capital and 100,000 shares would be sold in December at $5 a share.

June 15, 1967

Final verbal agreement on the formula of stock. Carl wished equality with John. John was anxious to keep near one-third. Neither would press me to cut my share. But at John's proposal of 45-30-25, squeezed out after much torture, Carl and I accepted with alacrity. Three percent less is worth their pleased agreement to my thinking. Prospects for the financing look good on the eve of my departure.

June 19, 1967 Tokyo

How June 18 was spent:

1. 5 A.M. awakened. Read of few pages of Miller's Plexus

2. 5:30 - 7:30. Walked along the pond where fishermen were trying their luck, up into the streets. Then a trolley car, finally a cab back to Fukudaya

3. 7:30 - 9:00 Breakfasted, read, wrote letter.

4. Called Miss Uachiyo Kato. Arranged for lunch.

5. 9:30 - 11:30 haircut and window-shopping at New Hotel Otani.

6. 11:30 - 2:00 lunch with Kato, Professor Tamakiya, Miss Komura, Mr. Jukutani at Fukudaya.

7. 2 - 6. Museums, Sony Building, park, buying pearls and TV with Kamura and Suhutani, tea at 5.

8. Bath.

9. 8:00 PM - 9:30 dinner at Bon Mot, ishugg-shuggi.

10. Walk through old Imperial Hotel

11. 10:30 to Fukudaya and sleep

12. Up at 5 AM again on June 20, Monday of departure

June 19, 1967 Tokyo

Cash in pocket Yen 13,600 = $113.60

various bits of other currencies: Thai, Bulgarian, etc.

Expenses in Tokyo:

June 1 - 16 expenses are in diary.

Exchange rate, Y 360 to dollar

Fukudaya Inn
Sony portable TV & battery pack $120
Pearl clasp, cufflinks, 2 rings, bracelet $ 87.31
Museums - old and modern art museum and guide (3 persons)  500
Cards, postage 300
Haircut 1,300
Cabs from airport 1,500
Cabs in Tokyo 1,600
Porter 250
Tea (at Sony Building for 3) 900
Dinner Mr. Nakatani + Prof. (Miss) Tarmura  9,000
Massages 2,000
Cable (Saigon)920
Fukudaya 9,620
Tip 400
Cab to airport 1,500
 $90 30,000

June 25, 1967 Friday

The American army needs to be thoroughly reorganized to provide a dual system of specialists and executives, with a double reporting and supervisory system. As matters stand, a man is judged only in line of command, a brave specialist who sticks up for what he knows is correct professional policy is unprotected from an ignorant superior who rates him for rewards and promotion by command (executive) standards. He should be backed up and rated also by professional standards (as in fact) medical corps people are.

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