INTRODUCTION: Quantavolution vs. Evolution
The Uniformitarian Resistance
Quantavolution by Catastrophe

 CHAPTER ONE: Cosmic Instability
Impacts on Earth
The Cleavage of Mars: A Particular Case.

 CHAPTER TWO: High Energy from Space
Heavy-Body Impacts: Seismism and Volcanism
Fire and Gases
Dense Fall-Out
Pandemonium and Darkness
The Battle over Time
The Quantavolutionary Column
The Exponential Principle
Revolutionary Integration of the Cosmos

 CHAPTER THREE: Collapsing Tests of Time;
Rapid Sedimentation
Coral Reefs
Potassium-Argon Dating
The Radio-Halo Problem
Radiocarbon (Carbon-14) Dating
Tree-Ring Time
The Fossil Record and Mutating Time
Cycles and Anniversaries
58 Tests in Dispute
The Dissolution of Time
Of Mammonths and Amber

 CHAPTER FOUR: A Catastrophic Calendar
The Number of Catastrophes
Why 14,000 Years?

 CHAPTER FIVE: Solaria Binaria
The Stacked Binary System
Decline of the Electric System
The Break-up of Super-Uranus
Planetary Behavior
Completion of the Transformation
The World of Pangea
The Sky-Watches
Early Astronomical Ideas
Summary Reflections upon the Changing World System

 CHAPTER SIX: The Uranians
The Destruction of Pangea: The First Chaos
The Ice Dumps
The Creation of Man
Religious Beginnings
Birth of the Heavenly Host
Ecumenical Culture
Old and New World Concordances
Climate Changes and Time
Puzzles of Tihuanacu
Signs of Uranian Culture
Hand, Rod, and Snake

 CHAPTER SEVEN: Earth Parturition and Moon Birth
The Passage of Uranus Minor
Contributing Theories and Eruption Dynamics
Lunar Conformities to Eruption
The Global Fracture System
The Tethyan Welt
Global Expansion
The Magnetic Field
Ocean Development
Lunar Worship
Sunken Lands
Legendary Chaos and the Moon
The Moon in Meso-America
Western Europe
The Near East
A Question of Lunar Priority
Eliade’s “Lunar Perspective”
The Menstrual Cycle; The Heavenly Spinner

 CHAPTER EIGHT: Saturn’s Children
The Pleiades
The Triumph of Saturn; The “Golden Age”
The Peoples of Saturnia
The Downfall of Saturn
Nova and Deluge
The Poseidon Phase
Survivors and Saturnalia

 CHAPTER NINE: The Olympian Rulers
The Devil Seth
The Bonds of Saturn and Jupiter
The Lightning God
The Behavior of Planet Jupiter
End of the “Golden Age”
Repeated Disasters
Gods Not Invented
Apollo Explosion and Asteroids
Mercury; Mercury’s Geophysics

 CHAPTER TEN: Venus and Mars
Career of an Androgyne
The Heat of Venus
Hundres of Identities
The Plot of the Iliad
Global Ruination and its Perpetrator
The Devi and the Mexican Ballplayer
A Longer Day
The Explosion of Thira
Carpenter’s “Soft” Catastrophism
Nergal, the “Treacherous Dealer”
Worship of Mars
The Wounds of Planet Mars
The Greek “Dark Ages”

 CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Devil’s Advocate

 CHAPTER TWELVE: Victory of The Sun
Sun and Science
The Propensity to Survive



The Archetype of the Chinese Dragon (Frontispiece)
1. Prominent Catastrophists since Bruno (Table)
2. The Ripping of the Surface of Mars (Map)
3. Fear of Comets and the Conquest of 1066
4. Some Shapes Taken by Recent Comets
5. Radiocarbon Dating and Ecological Stress
6. Disputed Explanations of the Tests of Time (Table)
7. A Schedule of Holocene Periods (Table)
8. A Quantavolutionary Cycle
9. Solaria Binaria during Pangea
10. Magnetic Field of the Sun
11. Humanization in Catastrophe (with Chart A)
12. Mesolithic Rayed Bodies
13. Typical Depictions of Uranus and Saturn
14. Hieroglyph of Nun, Father of the Gods
15. Mating of the Sky and Earth
16. Celestial Bison
17. The Great Ohio Serpent Mound
18. The Preferred Altitiudes of Earth’s Crust
19. The Earth Today: Cleavages, Welts, Mountain Folds and Volcanism
20. Scheme of the Land Area of Pangea and Urania
21. The Magnetic Poles of the Earth
22. Legendary Sunken Lands and Cultures of the World
23. The Mesoamerican Moon Goddess, Tlazolteotl
24. Aphrodite the Moon Goddess
25. Composition of Saturn Images
26. Saturn Devouring his Children
27. Albrecht Dürer’s “Deluge”
28. Cetus or Seth, the Devil-Dog
29. Jupiter: Lightning and Thunder
30. Disasters from Mercury to Mars (Table)
31. Variants of the Cometary Goddess
32. The Imperial Chinese Dragon Robes
33. Destruction of Bronze Age Cities
34. A Generally Accepted Time-Scale (Table)