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The QUANTAVOLUTION and CATASTROPHES series is published in the ACROBAT READER format (.PDF).
If you want to browse the files, you need the VERSION 4.0 of the ACROBAT READER.(6334 KByte). If you want to look for a newer version go to the Adobe Web-site.

If you want to get an overview of the QUANTAVOLUTION and CATASTROPHES series immediately, the ARCOBAT READER will download and show page by page. This process is somewhat slow, and reading beeing online costs money too. Therefor, or if you are interested in specific books, you can download self extracting ZIP-Files by clicking on the book-cover icons on the left hand side. Copy the files into a directory of your choice and then open them to extract the contents. The self extracting files can then be deleted.

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1645 KByte
0. STARTING PAGE AND INDEX FILES This File you have to download in any case, to provide you with the genereal Acrobat Reader structure (Table of contents) for all the books. It also contains the index files for the Acrobat Reader's search engine.

3250 KByte
1. WHAT IS QUANTAVOLUTION? Audio comment by Alfred de Grazia; the Q Paradigm; a Self-test of Attitudes in Quantavolution and Conventional Science; Index of topics

1933 KByte
2. COSMIC HERETICS: A Personal History of Attempts to Establish and Resist Theories of Quantavolution and Catastrophe in the Natural and Human Sciences, 1962-1983.

3396 KByte
3. CHAOS AND CREATION: An Introduction to Quantavolution in Human and Natural History.

First of the Quantavolution series, it is a predecessor of many ideas and reports engendered over the past fifteen years. It is a classic overall account of the prehistoric and historical global natural and human catastrophes that helped create humans in the first place and then destroyed and created civilizations and cultures. Superior explanation of sources of universal myth. Powerful arguments support a brief solar system chronometry. Printed in India, it is the systematic scientific theory for much of natural and social theory.

2069 KByte
4. THE LATELY TORTURED EARTH: The first systematic treatment of the role of exoterrestrial forces in the Earth Sciences.

The elements of geology and geography are discussed in the light of new discoveries about quantavolution and catastrophes as they shaped the globe. A riveting theory of the explosion of the Moon from Earth in recent times, accompanying the global fracture and rafting of the continents.

3757 KByte
5. SOLARIA BINARIA: An astronomer and astro-physicist join to perfect an elegantly coherent and logical theory, backed by physical, psychological, and mythological studies, of the origins and history of the solar system with Jupiter as the remnant of the Uranian binary partner of Sol. By Alfred de Grazia and Earl R. Milton.

1046 KByte
6. HOMO SCHIZO I: Human and cultural hologenesis in a quantavolution caused by micro-second brain hemisphere delay, with ensuing genetic schizotypicality. Possible exoterrestrial movements, intrusions and electromagnetic effects with new electrical equilibrium altering hominids into humans, including variants such as "Lucy" and the widespread Homo Erectus. Single-case origin proffered , prior to or concomitant with breakup of Pangea.

921 KByte

Mankind today analyzed as normally evidencing all basic traits of schizophrenia, whereby culture becomes the virtual reality educating and enforcing normal schizoid behavior and penalizing so-called schizophrenics. Paranoia, obsession-compulsion, catatonia, cognitive disorder culturally constrained and termed rationality, and located in myriad constellations of sublimation.

1013 KByte
8. THE DISASTROUS LOVE AFFAIR OF MOON AND MARS: Celestial sex, earthly destruction, and dramatic sublimation in Homer's Odyssey. A complete but incredible case can be built up from an ancient chant that has Mars, Moon, Venus, and Earth in close and destructive encounters.

2928 KByte
9. GOD'S FIRE: Moses and the Management of Exodus.

I have found no book that deals adequately with the psychology of Moses, and therefore have portrayed fully the workings of his mind. No study has properly embraced Moses in his two great capacities as a manager and scientist, and so I have reconstructed these his qualities as well. Furthermore, the Exodus and Wanderings, those operations that Moses directed, are generally misunderstood, both in their particulars as Jewish history and in their representation of what was happening throughout the world in those days.

756 KByte
10. THE DIVINE SUCCESSION: A Science of Gods Old and New:

An astonishing theory of theology that spells out the history of the gods from common ancestors emerging from disasters and existing as active agents in all human minds. A new astrophysical proof of the existence of gods is put forth, and a phenomenological and pragmatic catechism is composed.

1497 KByte
11. THE BURNING OF TROY: A host of essays on quantavolution, scientific idiocies, and numerous penetrations of subjects such as the Paleolithic Caves, the exo-terrestrial destruction of Troy, the sacred Irish origins of O.K., and the 600-year gap in Roman history.

1230 KByte
12. KA: A Handbook of Mythology by Hugh Crosthwaite,
with an Introduction by Alfred de Grazia.

Sacred Practices, Electrical Phenomena, and Their Linguistic Connections in the Ancient Mediterranean World. A consolidation of the origins of ancient languages, revealing contemporary linkages never suspected but supportive of quantavolution.

588 KByte
13. A FIRE NOT BLOWN..: A sequel to KA especially commenting upon Minos and Crete, by Hugh Crosthwaite, with an Introduction by Alfred de Grazia.

865 KByte
14. RECOLLECTIONS OF A FALLEN SKY : An early symposium of the 1970's from Lethbridge University, Canada, planned and edited by Professor Earl R. Milton, concurrent with the granting of an honorary doctorate to Immanuel Velikovsky, the eminent catastrophist. Addresses on various fields (art symbolism, astro-physics, psychology of forgetting tragedy, Catastrophic symbolism in Shakespeare, etc., by authors from Canadian and American universities.
(Earl R. Milton, Editor, with contributions by I. Velikovsky, Alfred de Grazia, John M. MacGregor, William Mullen, Irving Wolfe, George Grinnell, Patrick Doran, et al.)

930 KByte
15. THE VELIKOVSKY AFFAIR: We dedicate this book to people who are concerned about the ways in which scientists behave and how science develops. It deals especially with the freedoms that scientists grant or withhold from one another. The book is also for people who are interested in new theories of cosmogony - the causes of the skies, the earth, and humankind as we see them. It is, finally, a book for people who are fascinated by human conflict, in this case a struggle among some of the most educated, elevated, and civilized characters of our times.

Alfred de Grazia, editor and co-author, with Livio Stecchini, Ralph Juergens, and Immanuel Velikovsky

Published by Metron Publications Copyright © 1997 by Alfred de Grazia of all materials except Volumes 12, 13, and 14, the copyright holders of which have granted to Metron Publications permission to publish them in printed and electronic form.

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