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All Americans are well-advised
to vote John Kerry in and G. W. Bush out as President


1. Bush may be the worst President in American History, if only because he can use today's high technology and crazy borrowing practices to propel him toward endless damage.

2. Kerry has a far better domestic program -- in health matters, conservation of our resources and goods, guarding our personal rights from the police state, acting justly and generously where most needed.

3. John Kerry is calm, self-possessed, unflappable qualities needed to deal with the waves of paranoia and panic, brought on by President Bush on down through the Bush appointees by the hundreds, and infecting all too many people everywhere.

4. Kerry affirms that America needs to be the leading instrument of world peace, freedom and welfare. The U.S. Government must cultivate the world, to have it become a garden of humanity, not make it a ruined battlefield full of hatred for Americans. Having expended $1000 for world warfare as against every $1 spent for world welfare, Bush and Company have turned at least as many as 2 billion people against us.

5. Removing George W. Bush will at the same time serve to remove his Mentor, Vice President Cheney, many of his Supporters in Congress, and most of his ineffectual and wrong-headed 2000 Appointees from high office. You will never regret using your power for this purpose.

A statement by Prof.Alfred de Grazia
31 October 2004

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