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the Postscript to Part One: The Good of Politics


This Postscript is a summary of Part One and a switch of emphasis from ethics as a minor theme to ethics as a major theme. Mankind needs a new kind of typical personality and a better science of the good life.

The new character is benevolent, polyvalent, and scientific.

I use the words kalotic and kakotic here.* I'am dead serious about them, but you can have as much fun with them as you please and I won't mind. After all, when I was a soldier, we joked about death and Nazism and all such things.

The scenarios of pages 83 and 84 compress an explosive indignation down to quasar size. They deal with the mutiny on the Bounty (the year our Constitution took effect) ; the hurried descent of the Apollo 13 astronauts when a detail went wrong, while at the same time hundreds, perhaps thousands, of harmless farmers were being massacred; and the Soviet reinforcement of Nasser,s armaments while the Egyptian people starved, the Suez Canal disintegrated, and U. S. Government merely cast aspersions and assured Israel in kind. Student reviews of these three, and some current, affairs might be passed around for consideration. Perhaps the three key traits of page 81 would have made one follow the kalotic line on the three scenarios. If not, well them, there,s part two coming up.


*And in Kalos: World Revolution and Order (Kalos press, Box 419, Canal Street Station, New York, 10013, $7. 95) and Kalotics, three papers on the same subjects (same address, $2.00).


Table of contents