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the Epilogue: Politics for the Better


I thought as I looked at the final frame of my last cartoon, "could this refer to the Penn Central Railroad?" For I was reading the following:

Congressional investigators said today that the directors of the bankrupt Penn Central had repeatedly ignored warnings from a fellow board member of impending financial trouble before the collapse of the line.

Concluding an 18-month study of the failure of the world's largest private railroad, the House Banking Committee staff laid much of the blame on what it called the "ineptitude" of the management and directors, made up of some of the most prominent names in American business.

"It is a story of mismanagement, poor judgment, corruption and frivolous behavior," the 375-page report said [New York Times, Jan. 2, 1972, p. 33N (UPI)].

A final word with the author by a reader:
"I thought you were a conservative."
"Did I ever say so?"
"Many people say you're a conservative."
"That's their problem."
"Well, what are you?"
"I say I'am a radical, or worse."
"No, you're not. You're advocating policies of survival. Survival is bedrock conservatism."
"You're right. I'am a conservative."


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