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Obtaining copies of works of Alfred de Grazia

On October 1, 2001, the Grazian Archive will publish on a CD-Rom its complete on-line contents, both text and images, as indexed on the Home Page. The equivalent number of volumes will be about sixty-eight. The list of contents can be read on the left hand side of the screen beginning with the Home Page. The whole corpus would retail in the hundreds of dollars. There will be but a single price: $60.00, 100.00, or Euros 70.00. As in the past, so in the future, all of the works can be obtained free by downloading them from the Web, <>

Printed copies of the works contained on the Living Grazian Archive can be individually obtained either by such free downloading from the on-line text on your own printer. At some future time a complete set of printed volumnes of the Grazia works will be made available.

A certain number of some of the Grazian works are still available and can be obtained from so long as the supply lasts.

Available in cd-rom at $30.00 each plus $3.00 shipping = $33.00 each, $60.00 for all three including shipping, are the following works in cd-rom format. To browse in the works prior to making your decision to purchase you can go to them on-line at .

1) Home Front and War Front: the Letters of Jill and Al in World War II.
2) Reconstructing American History, 1400-2000 A.D.
3) Quantavolution and Catastrophes (15 Vols) .

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