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The Tutors and the Governments

World government is not a fancy or dream. World government exists now. But -- it is Bad! It is bad because politicians and people everywhere deny and conceal its existence, and because in practice the real and present world government is partial, warped, crippled, inequitable, and otherwise unjust.

Every major human function including world governance is now globalized. It has its many benevolent and effective leaders. But, too, every function has its semi-rulers, its oligarchs, its crooked manipulators, its selfish policy-makers, its pashas, billionaires, racists, reckless enforcers of ill-advised adventures, and, at bottom, its five billion subjects, every one of them tied to the deformed, incapacitated, eccentric world government.

The first priority of leadership is to activate the well-disposed governments of the world and to reinforce them with a cadre of a hundred thousand citizens of the world, activists of a united and benevolent, beneficial world society, concentrated at the centers of decision and otherwise well-situated around the world, a Union Party.

The World Union Cadre can come from all sorts of people but must at first derive largely from the intelligentsia. They must be Tutors. They are less tied down to the existing order than most other groups. Granted that a worldwide force of volunteers for a better world order might be quickly called up, is it conceivable that almost as quickly a commanding group of nations would offer support? From one moment to the next, the disposition of nations towards a true world order may change; still, picturing its achievement as the product of a global force of many national origins, whose total force in moving the World Society equals 100%, we could estimate who might be in the lead of a united world and who might be lagging, and what strength they might lend to the Union.

The following presently appears to be the disposition and probability of the nation-states to supply the 100% of the Tutors, resources, and vitality needed to thoroughly reconstruct the United Nations: Canada 2%; India 8%; Russia 6%; East Europe 5%; European Community 18%; Japan 7%; United States 15%; Sub-Saharan Africa 5%; Central & South America 9%; Oceania 3%; Islam 13%; China 5%; All other 4. These estimates serve primarily to argue that the great task is not impossible and that help will arrive from all quarters of the world.

There probably exists already enough favorable force to bring about a world government possessed of certain critical powers. Confronted by the force of the well-disposed nations, the doubtful nations will, all or in part, grudgingly or cooperatively, join up. Confronted by a skillful mobilization and campaign by pro-World Tutor contingents, isolationist groups will concede the field. Losses from state separatism are becoming everywhere increasingly heavy, to the point of being unbearable; the gains that would come from international union and collective decisions over the fate of the world are becoming ever more clear and appealing.

The favorably disposed governments and the hundred-thousand cadre around the world ought best to focus public attention upon a set of essential immediate demands. They have to block partial and isolated solutions, which often make matters worse, or in effect are sell-outs to the enemy in return for special privilege. They have to present an attractive limited frame of government to the world. They need to prevent crippling diversions of energy, time, and thought from the essential goals.


Table of Contents