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The Impossible List of Troubles

A chorus of calloused, demoralized, fanatic, and selfish voices breaks into song whenever world reforms are proposed. Each one of the world troubles excites the same song, "It cannot be helped!" Imagine the din when the "Song of the Impossible" is sung at one and the same moment for all the major problems of this list to follow. Yet all of these troubles must be addressed at the same time (as they are in fact hopelessly addressed at the present time) if the world is to be tolerable for all of humanity in the 21st Century! This means that a world order, a new United Nations if you will, must be so strongly structured as to address firmly all of these troubles simultaneously.


World Troubles

Armaments huge and useless

Atmospheric pollution


Child labor and abuse

City Rotting and chaos

Civil & legal rights unavailable

Corruption on large scale

Debts abroad unpayable


Disease: AIDS, trachoma, all epidemics

Drug abuse and traffic

Ethnic persecution

Fisheries depleted and poisoned

Fishing fleets antiquated

Food, home, shop, air pollution

Free speech & press blocked

Fuel for home and shop


Health services wanting

Illiteracy and miseducation

Industrial safety wanting

Insecticide diseases


Money exchanges chaotic

Oceanic and polar pollution

Oil exhaustion

Outer space monopoly & militarizing

Political persecution

Population explosion

Public disorder

Racism and chauvinism

River channel control

Soil loss & pollution Sovereignty unbridled

Species endangering

Telecommunications retarded

Transport infrastructure flimsy

University education weak


Water shortages &pollution

Women under repression

Working conditions insufferable

All of the indicators attached to these forty-three problems are stagnant or declining. The world is not improving or progressing, except for some few people relative to the whole people, and in wasteful practices and life-styles that build up the deceitful Gross World Product index, while actually contributing to the real downturn of all the indicators. The last gasp utterance of the human race could be "The GWP has never been higher!" And such a finale has a short-term probability thousands of times greater than the probability of any Earth-directed comet.


Table of Contents