A Cloud Over Bhopal: 

Causes, Consequences and Constructive Solutions

by Alfred de Grazia

The first book on the Bhopal disaster, written on site a few weeks after the accident and originally published in India.

"The people knew right away the source of the poisonous air, although it was incredible and shocking. Thousands had fled their homes a few months before upon the occasion of a small discharge of gas and an associated rumor of disaster. Now they choked and screamed at one another to rise and flee, aiding each other when they could, the choking and gagging leading the fully blinded. Some stepped out of their huts at the first whiffs, strangling, and were too blinded to turn back in, were swept in the gathering human torrent and often never saw their families, neighbors and friends again..."

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Causes and Negligence...

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"A moving account of a shattering experience." Arun Gandhi

"Rightly, Al de Grazia highlights the important role of a Free Press. The Press has had to battle secrecy and suppression to expose the full extent of the Bhopal tragedy. Conitnuing now to assail the shocking failures of managers and officials in India and the USA, we must demand the reform of the irresponsible liaison between governments and multinational corporations." S. B. Kolpe

"Although A Cloud Over Bhopal, as the first book on a vast subject, has to cut a path through the primeval jungle, it conveys the truth, the literary beauty and philosophical breadth of a masterpiece." Rashmi Mayur (Urban Development Institute, Mumbai).

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