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Copyright (c) 1985 by Alfred de Grazia



First Edition


Published by Kalos Foundation for the India - America Committee for the Bhopal Victims. Metron Publications, P.O.Box 1213, Princeton, NJ 08542.

The author wishes to express his thanks for the counsel given him by the members and friends of the India - America Committee for Bhopal Victims, especially to Dr. Rashmi Mayur. Director, Urban Development Institute, collaborator on this and other projects of Kalos; to Kevan Cleary, Tami Aisenson, Ward Morehouse, Clarence Dias, and Madhu Desai. Most important, my wife, Ami de Grazia, the French novelist (formerly Anne-Marie Hueber), collaborated with me throughout the difficult months of work in the field and in the study.


Publisher's Note


(April 1985)

Because of a wider expressed interest, this report, prepared for the use of the India-America Committee for Bhopal Victims, is being released to the public. Its publication may benefit those who need to know where matters stand and what issues now to pursue. The facts of the book are not final nor its judgements absolute. At this point in time, less than four months after the accident, many facts about the behavior of individuals, the deaths and damages, and the organization of responsibility have yet to come to light. The book is not written as a legal brief and ranges beyond the bounds of a court case. It presents hearsay evidence and many opinions and hypotheses waiting to be proven or disproved. Moreover, judicial processes will probably occur that have coercive means of eliciting documents and ascertaining facts. To avoid rendering judgements out of court and on the basis of the still incomplete evidence, the author has avoided, as far as possible, the use of proper names in the text. Despite these self-imposed limitations, the author stands firmly by his general interpretation and his proposals for compensation and reform.


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