Here below is a facsimile of a widely circulated leaflet from the Conference:

A million-word CD-Rom on world problems and world SOLUTIONS that leads off with:
"The USA and Israel Face an Unfriendly World" (and deserve it)

"By my reckoning of 47 key indicators, the Earth is sinking- and fast. Add 3 more indicators to give a round 50 by including hope, friendship, and sharing. Alas, these also are slumping backwards !

"Find Leaders? Where? The top 5,000 leaders of the world are mostly incompetent and retarded, if not corrupt. What is needed is a new world TEAM of 5,000 leaders, who are committed to achieving this program within the next seven years.

1. Focus on and form the World Leadership Team, and its cadres, who will advance all their nations by these actions:

2. Reduce world birth rate to 0 growth.

3. Vote 4% of every budget for universal world welfare guarantees - safety, food, health, education.

4. Abolish all nuclear and heavy weapon systems.

5. Assign all armies to the UN, as detached environs and health services (with an unused right to be called back to wage war).

6. Create a world currency and abolish secret banking operations.

7. Forbid any adoption of a state religion.

8. Add an Assembly of Corporations to the UN.

9. Solve as the test case of the 50 declining indicators: Israel-Palestine, so as to proceed to other grave cases with clean hands.

10. Crush the mythical dragon of ‘sovereignty.’

On this cd-rom, in AUDIO and print, Al de Grazia speaks out for humanity, prosperity, order in the world.

"Hope for the good life drives us on, and, upon the call of the United Nations, brings 65,000 representative persons together for this vast conclave at Johannesburg, in the Republic of South Africa, in the last week of August 2002. I accompany them, with most of what I have ever said on the constructive radical reform of the international order. I view the nature and religions of humankind; I present formulas for achieving the good life; and I design constitutional and political structures capable of guiding vast movements of human conduct.

"Man is the Wolf of Man! What a disgusting, trivializing, paranoid, thoughtless, murderous, tribal, creature! Yet he is all we’ve got. Give him some credit: Man sets for himself ever more daring goals. He hopes to create primitive life forms; he hopes to land on Mars; he hopes to dwell in Antarctica; he hopes to eradicate cancers; he hopes to make computers do much of his routine thinking; these hopes and many more, are indeed partially fulfilled.

"The most engrossing task is yet to come. That is world revolution. By ‘world revolution’ we mean a massive beneficial social change around the world in one generation. Such a ‘quantavolution’ will replace the present chaos by a decent world order - BENEVOLENT, BENEFICENT.

Al’s ‘Governing the World’ costs 39 Rands or $4 or 4 Euros, and can be ordered at the Compress Co. desk or the Dumbai Sustainable Future desk, or by e-mailing (& do look into http:// & Or by airmail to Al de Grazia Group, Box 122, Naxos, 84300, Greece.