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September 15, 1967

A. M. is 34. She looks somewhat like Marilyn Monroe and also like Julietta Massina. She has a character a little like both. She is blonde skinned, brown-eyed, w. artificially blonded hair, and of dainty bones, well-formed, with hard muscled smooth flesh.

September 29, 1967 Metron, Inc. Journal

Held off sending, after long discussion this evening.

Dear Carl and John,

I have been giving much thought to the original conditions under which I consented to go ahead with the Universal Reference System last March.

Essentially, I agreed to place the URS into a new company if:

1. At least $40,000 of new capital was raised in a short period of time, according to a schedule that called for spending that money in the summer of 1967.

2. A revised programming was completed and the new volumes (Codex II and Codex III) were run completely through the computers and sent to the printers in the early summer.

Neither of these basic conditions, which I then regarded as necessary for the success of the URS, has been met. We have not even come close.

I do not regard Metron, Inc. therefore, as bound by any original formula, nor has it relinquished any of its proprietary rights in the URS and the uses and products of that System.

In the absence of the fulfillment of the original conditions, I would estimate the value of the contributions to PIT made by its principals as follows:

Mr. Carl MartinsonApril 15 - September 30 = 5 months @ $1,800$9,800
   Draw -2,000
Mr. John Simeone time May 1 - September 30 @ 1,800$4,000
  Draw - 1,000
Dr. Alfred de Grazia1/4 time May 1 - September 30 @ 3,000$4,375

It is understood that in addition to these sums, Mrs. Simeone has contributed services, and that advances of money and services of third parties have been made by Mr. Simeone to the amount of between $1,000 and $1,500 and Dr. de Grazia to the amount of $5,200.00

These claims on the good will or credit of PIT are on a basis comparable to other claims against PIT.

It is also evident that Metron has generated all income of PIT inc. since PIT's inception, directly and indirectly.

Metron has also contributed cash to the amount of $3,860.35

After talking over everything, we decided to "go bankrupt for 60,000 instead of 30,000"

9060.35.35 - 5,200 = 3,860.35.

I regret to put this down on paper, but matters have arrived at a critical pass so far as money and production are concerned. The organization of Princeton Information Technology, inc., so far as I am concerned, can only go forward if 65% of the issued stock of the company is tendered to Metron, inc. Only under such conditions can Metron operate with the appropriate degree of flexibility and efficiency in the new circumstances.

Therefore, I am personally requesting an immediate meeting of the Board of Directors on September 28, 1967 of PIT, inc. for the purpose of issuing 20,000 shares of stock to Metron, inc. (or whatever number of shares is required to be issued in order to allow Metron, inc., a majority of 65% of the issued shares of PIT, inc.

Sincerely yours,

Alfred de Grazia

President, Metron, inc.

September 1967

World Systems 1 p. 3 footnote:

Professor Morton Kaplan proposed in a book first six, then repeated them and added four more in an article in International Political Community; and the presumption is that there would be almost as many systems as there would be cases. He gives:

1. Balance of power

2. Loose bi-polar (supranational blocs)

3. Tight bi-polar

4. Universal International System (not necessarily all nations included)

5. Hierarchical system

6. Unit Veto system

7. Very loose bi-polar

8. Detente

9. Unstable bloc

10. Incomplete nuclear diffusion system.

In other words the tendency is to begin with classification and then to realize that one is simply applying descriptive terms to unique cases. When that is realized, we should stop using such classifications as such, and deal only with the characteristics of the cases.

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