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August 12, 1967 Italy

Best things I ever did ??

1. Avoid army band

2. Visit my old aunt

3. Stick by J.

4. Face down Daugherty

5. Choose Stanford over Harvard

6. Resign from Psy. Ops.

7. Publish the poetry

8. Got to the U. of C. after starting at Y.

9. Get Bus into U. of C.

10. Go ahead with PROD

11. Advice X not to get divorced.

12. Turn down Ph.D. offer on Dem. [Threshold] of Freedom

Things I am most proud of:

1. Children

2. Wife

3. Friends

4. Books

5. Skills

6. Jobs done.


Water Blo Learn

Mills Novelty job

Alderman campaign



August 12, 1967


Embarrassing Incidents of a Lifetime

Not the best things I've ever done, but a quality in common

1. Fight with Lavation

2. Fight with Rosario

3. Reversing the gun battery

4. Troop obstacle course

5. Meeting Clara U. at Raced's

6. Masturbation

7. Receiving the Camp Aaronic award

8. Filling out the WPA forms

9. The French girl at Darmstadt

10. "I'm English, Miss English." Richard Hooker

11. Bad speech to GE execs.

12. Mistakes in the de Borda mss.

13. Swearing at U. of C. bandsman

14. Drunk at Chatters et al. Jean Chatters

August 17, 1967 - August 25, 1967

Rate scholarships

Clear box of correspondence and miscellaneous

Call Ithiel in re briefing

Gather American Government material for Princeton

Call Bill McPhee

Metron income tax

Get Cholera shot

Read Gurelik MA thesis

Call Xerox re reproduction of letters

Dictate American Government chapter

Do personnel chart

Take 4 P.M. to Princeton

Gladys Irish Southmore (215) K13-0200 # 272

August 26, 1967 - September 30, 1967

1. Poetry mailing and shipping

2. Get PIT stock issued [acc] to a formula.

3. Move to new Princeton office

4. Set up PIT library

5. Draft preliminary government account inventory

6. See Dick Cornuelle re IR, inventory

7. See Velikovsky

8. Read and approve misc. NYU theses and papers

9. Reorganize 360o War Book. (Speak to Fletch and Ann Decker)

10. Settle money owing me from Simulmatics for bonuses

11. Clean up personal files

12. Work on mss. of Works

13. Write 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 times or cable to VN Simul. Team.

14. See Dave Truman

15. See U. of Pennsylvania people

16. Hire time secretary New York; hire time assistant New York

17. Check on life insurance coverage

18. Get paintings insured

19. Try to sell Di Chirico painting.

20. See about 2nd edition of Velikovsky book.

21. Compute and collect from Simul:

a. Expenses for July, August

b. Bill on books to Metron

c. Bonus

22. Collect travel expenses from NYU

23. Straighten out Social invention illustration file.

24. Set up editing procedures for Rep. Gov. book.

25. Write Herb Cornuelle re Julian Turner

Write Rodman Rockefeller re Julian Turner

Write Giovanni Makaus

26. Ship equipment to Saigon (coffee pot, typewriter, cloth)

27. Pursue Refugee project (Olson). Call Deitchman

28. Get photos developed.

August 27, 1967

Finances, Personal

Bank accounts:
Metron (Ptn & NY)3,090.00
1st Nat. Princeton1,550.00
(HST Savings)500.00
Simal Corp. increments$10,000.00
NYU Rep. Gov. Expenses700.00
SIMUL pay & exp.3,000.00
NYU Summer to Sept. 12,300.00
AEI Aug.1,000.00
5000 options Simul (at $1)5,000.00
99% Metron, Inc.6,000.00
135,000 shares PIT, inc.10,000.00
Other Assets:
Paintings (costs)8,000.00
Antiques, etc.400.00
50% Furnishings & Equip.4,000.00
Books (50%)7,000.00

Projection to January 1, 1967 [1968?]

Source Amount To Amount
NYU 1,600 Schools 5,600.00
Simul. salary 8,000 Car 600.00
bonus on new book? 10,000 household 3,000.00
Royalties 400  (9,200.00)
AEI (after expenses) 1,000  
 21,000 102,695
   - 9,209
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