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July 1, 1966        Meeting - Dave, Pat, Didi & de Grazia

"Great minds run in the same channel ... Foolish minds rarely differ."

October 1 pilot system

Automated system conversion begins June 30, 1967.

        completed September 30, 1967

        on-line October 1, 1967


3 months    1.    Pilot system working

July 1 -    2.    Basic design of the Pilot system as it is working

Sept. 30, '66    3.    Extended automated system design


2.    Should include two actual case-follow-throughs

3.    Should show hypothetical case-follow-throughs


Set up "DO's"

"NAME" is needed        FACTOTUM

            DO EVERYTHING

            TOTAL FACT

    AdG to do:

1.    Pilot system Plan

2.    Extended automated system design (but not technical design with equipment specs)


3.    Whom to go to


4.    Selling Document

                * * * * *

Vacations:    Dave: none till Christmas

    Pat - none

    Dick - July 8-August 2 -- away

July 1, 1966

Killers of the Educational Dream.

The failures of higher non-education not solvable by bigger budgets and more formal opportunities.

a.    The ignorance of what to do and where to go?

    --    an ethnic and religious problem

    --    a poverty and social class problem

    --    a personality problem

b.    The failure of tests

c.    Recruitment interviews

d.    Failure to process applications or fill them out

e.    Prejudices and stupidity of admitting boards, professors, etc.

July 6, 1966

Meeting with Cornuelle -- 4:30 - 6:30 Biltmore Hotel


    --    Family matters

    --    Lake Tahoe Conference with Reagan Finch

    --    Consideration of time assistant to revise welfare book.


July 6, 1966

Jill is back from Chicago. Homesick the first day for Princeton and the family, she passed the week fretting to return. Still she visited with old friends and sewed up the unraveling pattern of ties. She especially enjoyed Bill Steinbrecher who took sick with a mysterious bleeding of the lower intestine while she was still there.

I think I am unusual in having had good friends who were with me in succession through my life. Save Bill / Cal / Joe Fanion / discontinuities of life. Save for my brothers, who themselves were separated from me for long periods of time, I pass through friendships, never ending through hostility, but always by some movement -- a change in my way or place of life.

Who were these friends who mattered strongly to me at one time or another? They came and passed, accompanied by acquaintances who smiled and talked and played or worked with me but who did not quite touch me in the heart strongly or often enough.

In chronological order    (caps = friends)

                (lower case = close acquaintances)


Howard Brencoe

Steve Irmo

William Hooker

Johnnie Peterson

Jackie and Joey ? (of Italo-Albanian ancestry)


    at this point very

Jimmy -- (as bigger boy of Irish ancestry)

July 6, 1966 8 PM

    The Cold Calculus of Negro Resistance

The Total Cost of Deprivations of Race vs. the Total Cost of Activism vs. the Status Quo.

            Balance Sheet

20 years                            5 years

Segregated Accommodation maintenance            Deaths and disabilities in Violence

Police Suppression                        Shock

Slum Accrual                            Discommodation

Deaths from Disease                        Poverty Program

Educational deformation                    Rioting damage

Fear and hysteria                        Police costs

Mental Illness, severe                        Maladministration

Illiteracy                            Civil turbulence

Diplomatic Costs (Foreign aid, propaganda)            Broken Social and friendship bonds

Military Costs, etc.

"Segregation in housing" Costs                Disunity in International Affairs


Net gain (loss) by Activism

    Life - joys of the Little Man

My mother rocked me and crooned "sleep, my baby, sleep"

"Shush my baby, shush" "eat my baby, eat"

I am a sleeper of sleeps

For thirty years on a country highway store

Where my cigarettes and coffee have kept awake the traffickers of life.

I am the shushed of shushes

For twenty-five years a soldier and sergeant and squelched peacefully and crouched in many soft fields, between the rare bursts of shot, and rode bare barracks beds and mess hall benches comfortable in my worn saddle.

I am an eater of eats who cannot count my heavy meals

snacks and drinks. Like a silkworm I have nibbled and secreted through my years, moving from breakfast to suppers, (swishing manifolds of the eternal skirt), in unending regularness.

I have always followed my mother's advice. I have glided on the broad soft river of history.

Oh how sweet to have been ordered by a mere statistic in the manifold scent eternal.

July 9, 1966 6 AM        Washington, D. C.

In order to be universal, one must be nothing. This is no mere Buddhism; it follows logic inescapably. The writer who tells of part of the world, loses those who only know the other part. As he seeks to gain the audience of the other part, he must say less and less.

    Less and less

    is said

    to more and more

    until he binds

    the godhead to all

    with an inchoate roar.

    The lover / movie idol

    The leader / demagogue

         / Buddha

    Hear , hark, hören

    Down the gamut

    of meaning

    from the lover

    to the movie idol,

    the leader

    to the demagogue,

    the busy body

    to the Buddha.

[Newspaper clipping - too wrinkled for scanning]

Sabotage at G. E.

Sabotage, one of industry's most vexing problems, cost General Electric 25,000 refrigerator cases last month. The company still doesn't know who caused the destruction.

Apparently, G. E. sleuths conclude, a small group of employees decided to pour sand or sugar into the paint system of the refrigerator department at Louisville, Ky. The 25,000 cases, less motors and refrigeration units, were cut up and sold as scrap. A. G. E. spokesman said that Local 761 of the International Union of Electrical Workers has done all it could to help with the detective work.

G. E. wouldn't reveal the loss caused by the sabotage, but said that some sales would undoubtedly be lost at the retail level since the plant couldn't produce enough units to make up for the loss.

[penciled note]: the social underground.

July 6, 1966

Jill is back from Chicago. Homesick the

July 8, 1966

To be done:

1.    Select periodicals books, clippings, newspapers list (Find welfare bibliography)

2.    Prepare issues (problems) (wants) list. Assign code numbers.

3.    Prepare organization problems list. Assign code numbers.

4.    Prepare punch card form

5.    Punch preliminary punch-cards

6.    Design Newsletter

7.    Prepare techniques classification and file (assign code numbers)

8.    Prepare Instruction Manual for Screener

Pilot System process Chart [to be scanned]

July 10, 1966    Sunday 9:30 PM

Jill and I rode our bicycles in the warm fresh evening, creating a sweet breeze for ourselves. We passed by Velikovsky's home and he was on his porch in his shirt sleeves. We said 'hello' and he urged us to stop for a cool drink, so we paused for a few minutes with glasses of tea, then returned. I recovered my good humor of the early day. We had been for cocktails with Laura Berquist K. and Fletcher Knebel at their new home. I had become heated in an argument precisely over Velikovsky, for Fletcher and Laura had known almost nothing of him or the controversy or the institutions of science but entered immediately into skeptical interrogation. I had no time to spell out all the answers before we had to leave, and was irritable therefore. F. K. said he would buy The Velikovsky Affair right away and read it so I should have been satisfied. But there I was irascible with Jill and I ended up before our bicycle ride quite convinced that any person of superior insight and intelligence should be lobotomized at the first genial signs to preserve him from the misery of presenting his ideas, not to the ignorant, but to the smart set of society. ---

Have you ever read "classics" and decided that they were saying nothing new? Of what value today is Erasmus' Praise of Folly? In many respects it seems to a well-bred personality like another old-fashioned, trite, rationalistic exposé of the wicked church. Bacon's Essays seem high-flown and unreliable -- rather crooked and glib. So it goes.

What is the "truth" of the classics? Is it merely historical, showing us when important ideas first appeared? Why should we be interested if such is their function? What is of value in knowing the origin of great ideas?

Are their truths eternal? Some more than others and I am not at all sure that the "more" are greater than the "less" eternal. The frame of thought, the context of the discovery, the mode of enunciation, and other elements may determine "greatness" more than truth. It is obvious that the textbook of several years ago is truer evolutionary biology than Darwin's Origin of Species, but better to read the latter than the former, provided that a substitute for the textbook is provided. In other words, the classics are not a substitute for current truths. They offer truths of their own kind. Not lesser, perhaps not greater, but presumptively equal, since so much can be learned from the genesis of truth out of the wilds of history that cannot be studied in the sterile-clean context of the present laboratory or controlled observation or prediction - control with regard only to narrow consequences..

July 11, 1966

I might point out in my lecture to the American Liberties Association tomorrow that if I had prepared a conventional bibliography of international affairs, the result might have been 30,000 titles instead of 3,000 and librarians would be more immediately pleased with the work. However, nothing would have gone forward so far as the applied science of bibliography is concerned. It would be just another Chevrolet stamped out at the end of a long production line.

July 11, 1966

    Market Value and Real Value

Market price is the price at which goods are sold and national statistics are calculated. Thus in Juan Linz' and Armando de Miguel's new study of "The Eight Spains", we discover that the regions of the gentry in Spain have the same population as bourgeois Spain, but contribute just a little over half of the production of bourgeois urban areas (and have a low per capita income).

For a long time scholars have taken for granted that a peseta spent in one place and for one thing is the same as a peseta spent elsewhere for something else. Once upon a time, the defenders of agricultural sectors could find many values "added to production" that made simple money comparisons of this type erroneous and even downright unpatriotic.

We should still insist on the very limited indicative value of money comparisons and uphold a broader and deeper comprehension of economic activity. The satisfying transactions that occur should be the aim of comparative statistics in economics.

A peseta of production in a "gentry economy" has a much different history than a peseta of production in a "bourgeois economy". It has more sides to its occurrence. More people are engaged in the event. Consequently, any inductive proposition based upon viewing the two events and collected summations of like events as the same is bound to have a restricted indicative, predictive, and controlling use in science and practice.

July 11, 1966

Jill is a great displacer of hostilities and the husband is the natural target -- around more than anyone else and with an authority that is lenient enough to escape suppression for evil ideas. She often cites me in the same breath with my mother, and I see that for many years when she does not get along with my mother, she has an excellent excuse for disliking me. It is tiresome, though. I am not madly devoted to my mother and side with Jill practically all of the time in disagreements between them. Still she manages to unite many irritating trait and every displeasure of our relation to mother's identity with son.

So it must go forever and everywhere the mother-in-law is the innocent, even if otherwise frequently malicious generator of hostilities between son and daughter-in-law by reasons of the easy transfer of dislike from mother to son. In some senses, far from getting a burden in a mother-in-law, the woman gets a fine supplier of pretexts for getting after the son's vices.

July 12, 1966

    Types of Materials to be Gathered

1.    Project grants (state, county, city, federal)

2.    All welfare reports of government and non-government agencies, etc.

    What material do we want to know            Cols.

Document Identification 1-99999                    5

Date of Event 2 cols                            2

Kind of Document 0-9                        1

Issue(s) / Trunc Descrip. (2 only)                    12

Type Orgn. Involved                            3

Technique or Solution Type (2 only)                    6

Kind of Orgn. involved (2 only)                    4

Source Reliability

Geographical Location, State, City, Country, etc.            8

Of Interest to (people or purposes)                    3

Type of Document                            1

Pages length                                3

        Code for Punch card on Welfare















































































Budgets - Costs July 31 to September 30

Pilot system Item        Materials est. cost            Labor

1. Materials    100.00    120.00

1a. Code Doc. type     1.00     20.00

2. Criteria for Intake    1.00    20.00

3. Index of Complaints    2.00    180.00

4. Class. of agents    2.00    100.00

5. Index of procedures    2.00    180.00

6. Identification    1.00    20.00

6a. Title Instructions    1.00    30.00

6b. Length code    1.00    10.00

6c. Geographical code    3.00    100.00

6d. Estimate of value    1.00    50.00

7. Storage    150.00    50.00

(Rent of repro. mach.)    100.00*    50.00

8. Card format    3.00    150.00

9. Card Punch    25.00 (lst)    100.00

10. Regular print-out    30.00 (1st)    150.00

11. Special survey    20.00 (1st)    150.00

12. Spec. Request Run    20.00 (1st)    100.00

13. --

14. Repro of Documents    2.00    30.00

15. Printing of reports proc.    3.00    50.00

16. Dummy newsletter    250.00 (1st)    400.00

17. Distribution of newsletter    200.00    300.00

18. Diagram: Flow Chart    100.00    300.00

    1018.00    2,660.00

19. Overhead (Metron) 5 mos @ 100    500.00    0.00

20. Travel and phone    $ 60.00    200.00

21. Purchase of additional materials    $400.00    200.00

22. Annotation Form (mimeo)    25.00    75.00

23. Training coders    --    200.00

Meetings at 6 Washington Square North 12:00 - 2:30

    Charley Lewis and David Duvall

    in re: Charley's role (left unsettled)

    Charley would ask whether WIR should be established in Metron premises or at FVW

WIR Presentation -- September 16, 1966 at 277 Park Avenue 4-6:30 PM

    Present:    Richard Cornuelle

            William Johnson

            Charley Lewis

            David Duvall

            Alfred de Grazia




1.    Hire 8 part-time, not 2 panel readers October 1 - April 30

2.    Photocopy anything readers want to keep for their own use after they return them.

3.    Mrs. X is being retired from NAM Research Staff and is available for WIR

4.    Keep WIR next to Metron for time being.

5.    Add personnel directory to WIR system.

See:    Abstracts Federal Aids

    Index of American Welfare

    Index of Abstracts

    Index of other works

Major Areas of Welfare Issues:

    Law and Order

    Public Health

    Personal Health and Hygiene Diet


    Skills, occupations, work-conditions


    Civic Action

    Centralization and decentralization



1.    Thing or Condition Demanded

2.    Deficiency Parameter

        Too much

        too little



        poor distribution

        uncontrollable (unknown)

"A does not get the right amount of X as judged by whom"

"Who does not get whatever amount of what as judged by whom and how does who propose to see that he does?"

Problem of Statistical reports on state of a complaint area.


Result Code

    01.    Idea

    02.    Plan

    03.    Innovation in being

    04.    Innovation completed

    05.    Results unknown

    09.    Broad-scale fulfillment

July 12, 1966

To October 1, 1966

    Fee Compensation        $5,000

    Office and Expenses         1,000 Secretary

                     1,000 Office and travel

                     1,000 advice technology

                     1,000 assistant and putting system to work

                        by Oct. 1

                     1,000 punched card work, forms, etc.

11 weeks thru Sept. O. Dworkin        



150 administration and taxes


July 14, 1966

A radical change in the relations of the sexes is occurring with the almost complete liberation of women from the fear of pregnancy. Mechanical devices and drugs are now nearly perfect for the avoidance and governing of conception. Soon (even now I detect signs) women, who throughout history have had to worry over their vulnerability, can now approach men invulnerably and, without their consent or knowledge, employ the possibility of paternity as a weapon. No longer "Please don't make me a mother!" ! Rather, "Shall I make you a father?"

July 16, 1966    Princeton 6 AM

The right to refuse to testify against oneself in a criminal accusation has been battered in recent years by the use of newly invented techniques of observation. The beginning was perhaps fingerprinting, which is now universally adjudged to be no violation of that right against self-incrimination. Tests of alcohol level in the bloodstream are a current issue of the same type.

The original purposes of setting us [up?] the legal right were to present torture and the prejudicing of innocence. I think that fingerprinting, palm-printing, drunkenness tests and similar devices are not in the category of tortures though in the category of compulsion. Therefore they violate only the letter of the law, not its spirit. After all, men have always been sought by descriptions -- "a scar on the cheek," "an index finger missing," "tall," "short", "dark", "blonde," and so on. These are compulsive in that a defendant is pursued and brought to court and described in court by these means. What is direct testimony of witnesses in [casual] but compulsory self-incrimination in this extended sense.

July 17, 1966 Princeton


Traffic is congested at Washington Square. $30,000,000 is spent to cut a tunnel beneath the square, using $5,000,000 in materials and $25,000,000 is added to GNP. Having easier access, 1,000 persons in the area buy autos at $2,000 or $2,000,000 and spend in their garages and upkeep $1,000,000 a year, thus adding $3,000,000 to GNP. Then the traffic would become congested once more so that people would be in the same position they were in before = i. e. some sideways movement but none forward.

Or if every husband paid his wife $5,000 a year for her services, we should have a great leap forward of $5,000 x 50,000,000 or $250,000,000,000 a year.

Or if every American male went just over to a whorehouse out of patriotic reasons, the GNP would go up by $2,000,000,000.

July 18, 1966

Stephanie had her baby, a girl, yesterday at 2:30 P.M. I visited her at Mount Sinai Hospital this afternoon, where she is ensconced, after some agitation, in a room with a rare view of Central Park. Phone calls and visitors flooded in. I brought her a cool-looking pot of light jade green desert cabbages. Her nurse carried them in while she was still alone and I hearkened at the door. She looked at them, searched for the card, said "Who are they from?" "I dunno". "My, they're ugly," she said. And I burst in laughing at her. "But I love them!" she exclaimed. And after a while, she began to make much of them.

July 20, 1966    Princeton

Dick Cornuelle phoned last evening from Lake Tahoe. He wanted to confirm that I would attend the meeting there with Ronald Reagan, Bob Finch, Earl Mazo and several others on the strategy and policies of the California Gubernatorial campaign. I was still wavering before he called, but he was so explicit and helpful that I said I was certainly coming. He was also concerned (Like Rep. Adam Clayton Power, Dick could say "I never worry; I am only concerned".) About Bill Baroody's chagrin at being left out of the group. Those concerned feel, and I think correctly, that if Bill were there, a newspaperman would pick up the story and cast it in the mold of a "Goldwater's principal adviser moves into Reagan campaign." Bill has yet to learn that persons have to be subordinated to tactics, very often in politics. Some would say always -- but I would say, unless there is very good reason for the contrary. I was hardly involved in 1964, but Dick added "Bill B. operated by this rule in the Goldwater Campaign," so, apart from the logic of the principle, Bill is apparently getting a little of his own back.


July 20, 1966

Stephanie called Jill for advice on whether to breast-feed her infant. Her doctor was discouraging her, the fool, but Jill counseled yes. The doctor has a petty worry about Stephanie's slight fever and one or two more feeble reasons, including the astonishing claim that breast-feeding would deprive the father of the pleasure of feeding a bottle to the baby! The disintegration of the concept of the father is something nowadays! The doctor didn't mention, though he speaks of all intimacies, that it might be important for Stephanie, who has been developing a grand bosom indeed, to use her natural equipment, if only for a time. This apart from other reasons for natural feeding.

Dad was born on November 26, 1882 and died on January 16, 1965.

July 22, 1966         Princeton

Bill Baroody called yesterday afternoon to converse in general, but specifically to 'fill me in on the picture" concerning the Lake Tahoe meeting, he said. He wanted me as his friend to know that he had been excluded from the affair because someone in Reagan's camp had told Dick that his name, if it were revealed in a news story, would tie the Reagan campaign too closely into the Goldwater cause. I expressed regrets, but did not report that I knew of the matter. Then I asked Bill who had invited him and, to my surprise, he said Cornuelle, and that R. C. had even called on Dick Ware to urge Baroody to come. Now I was a little annoyed. R. C. was being cute. And Bill was after me to turn down the bid, to reverse my acceptance, "as my good friend Glenn Campbell did," though he only implied it. I said that I would take a serious view of his being rejected. Now I am in a bind, on something I do care about. I would as soon toss a coin as to whether to meet with Reagan and his leaders or stay here. Both Dick and Bill are revealing their characteristic vices, deviousness and opportunism in the one case, pique and clannishness in the other.


71 Days from July 11 to September 22 (1966?) Quite likely.


4    July 11-15    make appointments, organize files

July 15-18    Brief Vicki on Work

July 18-29    Designs for FVW System. Cut and Edit 1st Branch paperbacks. Prepare Travel memo for Alexander's and make initial contacts. See about AG book 2nd edition.

July 29-31    Tahoe

Aug. 1-3    San Francisco

Aug. 4        Chicago

Aug. 5-6    Ann Arbor

            Leave SF AM early, arrive Chicago for lunch

            to AA (AM). Lunch 5th with Ware to Detroit for dinner with Halls

            to AA in early AM

            to NYC in AM from AA

Aug. 6-19    Revise classification for URS

        Send in Computer report to AEI

        Prepare memo on Tribune

        Sept up center for Rep. government at NYU

Aug. 20 - Sept. 6    Barnegat Light    NWO Novel

Sept. 7-9    APSA Convention NYC

Sept. 9-15    Set up working FVW System

Sept. 15-22    Prepare classes and arrange lectures

Sept. 22    Classes begin.

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