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August 8, 1964

A Visit to Velikovsky

I see V. often -- once or twice a week -- and should say something of him, less than the book that should be written but more than the few lines of the past.

Ruling America

The Policy Science of the United States Government

No. of pp. (types) Time required (day) Asst.

Ch. I. Good Government 15 + 4

Ch. II The American 50 + 10

Ch. III The Public 35 + 8

Ch. IV The Constitutional System 35 + 8 Nov. 30

V Parties 22 + 6

VI Elections 40 + 10

VII The Presidency 40 + 10

VIII Congress 58 +14

IX The Courts 35 + 8

X Administration 40 + 10

XI Finance 35 + 8 Jan. 10 XII Welfare Services 35 + 8

XIII Agricultural Programs 22 + 6

XIV Business Relations 40 + 10

XV Foreign Affairs 50 + 12

XVI Prospects of America 10 Apr. 30


New Argumentation 140 = 700 pp. (420 in print)

Add State & Local Sections as follows:


XVI State organs 35 + 8

XVII State Functions 35 + 8

XVIII Localities 50 + 12

XIX Police 10 + 3

XX Welfare 10 + 3

XXI Business Relegation 15 + 4 June 30

155 100 pp. print + 400 = 520 print

August 9, 1964 7 PM NYC Monday

Did not feel too well today. Too much wine at table last night and too much coffee to sleep. Jill and I talked abed for 2 hours running over the terrifying and amusing complexity of a little garden party we held in honor of Dad & Mom's departure for Chicago today. Then a full lunch with Dean Sullivan of Fordham Law School, Professor Manning, and Tom Gilchrist, who is Counsel and manager of the Citizens' Committee on Reapportionment of NY State. I agreed to act as Consultant for a fee of $5000. (I asked for $2500, but Mulligan upped it.) The report is due on December 1, my drafts for the Committee to argue, on October 15. I shall be in Europe Sept. 1 to 22nd so will have a busy time before and after in stating the pros and cons of various systems of legislative government. I am like the Phoenix -- Defeat after defeat of my ideas about representation and I am still called upon to furnish the philosophy of apportionment for the State of New York!

* * * * *

1. Observed: Great movement towards quantifying social research in this century.

2. Observed: Generally accepted belief is that only quantitative studies bring valid knowledge.

3. Observed: The actual process of research is qualitative, hunches, expert estimates, impromptu fashioning of tools, coaxing and teasing of satisfying answers.

4. False conclusion A, made by many: Quantification remains The Great IDEAL. Down with 3!, i. e. what I believe may be all research.

5. False conclusion B, made by some: 3 is all there is and gives good results. Quantification is a hoax. It can be shown to be ex post facto, more proof therefore that it is a hoax.

My conclusion: Qualitative Process is the actual way to truth as we know it, even in hard sciences.

Quantitative Process is indeed ex post facto.

However: Quantitative process is the vitally needed restatement in reliable language of the qualitative process, to that others will be persuaded that the described events truly occurred. And Quantitative process is the method by which the qualitative process is stored and communicated.

* * * * *

August 15, 1964 [the following poem has been crossed out but is legible]

Myths of Creation and the "Facts"

The "Facts" we shall never know

as to how man was made

to answer it a definition

is needed as is always the case,

lest the word beg the question.

Man is beast self-aware

And beast self-aware find God

Man was brute and not unlike

himself today until one day

a cosmic catastrophe struck

and stunned him with stone

and fear, water and fire,

until he fainted and recovered

to ask: Who am I, What am I

and the first answer to the first

question had to be "I am a man!"

And was it before another breath

was drawn that God was borne

as God is seen blinding light in

the great flash and pain, the trauma.

Resume "To Do": August 15, 1964

Prepare apportionment memo for Congressman McCullough 6

Prepare apportionment memo for NY State Commission 30

Cancel 300 hours

Add actual time (100 hours) put in additional

Add 50 hours new projects

Add 50% "overhead", i. e. time on extras as e. g. advising people on

jobs, general conversation, small items, to every job plan

Add American Government Revision 20 hrs.

August 16, 1964

Is the depression often associated with menstruation in women related to her first menstruation and the sad full realization that the girl will really never be a male and do all the things of men and boys?

August 16, 1964 : added actual extra 100 hours. Took away several major


In all 15 weeks = 157

Add here all Additional Tasks and Ways of Spending Time

Write program on representation for German University of the Air by Aug. 10 6

Write pamphlet on the Problems of New York City 24

Help Rod R. with article on LAEC Devel. 4

No Arrange with A. Sloan Foundation (Warren Weaver) for evaluation

of Velikovsky contributions 6

Proposal to Norton Cong - Harvard MIT Group

special issue of Urban Trends

Write Fraser for date Sept. 3

Write Morley, Hyneman

Fill out Top Secret forms as State Dept. consultant 8

Vaccination for travel 1

Prepare memo on educational films for US O of Ed 4

Prepare memo on dyna-museum for US O of Ed 4

No Peddle poverty-welfare mss 2

See Ruttenberg re Bulletin slander 2

Settle Hospital Insurance Business 4

Write Beigbeider 2

See Jack Riley, VP of Prudential Insurance 2

Register to Vote (Do in October) 2


89 left

As of July 30, 156 hours taken off all of above since July 4.. Since it was a very busy month, one must conclude that

a) the time estimates were too low

b) many necessary "minor", or unexpected tasks, came up

e. g. dozens of letters

many phone calls

incidental correspondence


c) 'shop' visiting 322




remaining as of July 30 542 hours

August 17, 1964

Americans are terribly fascinated by controls.. They wish to leave nothing to fate. This is one reason why they support legislation or rules -- though almost always without success -- to prevent the accidental. They refuse to concede anything to fate or allow mishaps as a matter of course.

The great popularity of insurance and insurance schemes in America indirectly supports the thesis. Insurance is a quid pro quo for an accident, and a great many people feel that their insurance "really" guarantees that the accident is not capable of being such (By Definition!) any more.

August 18, 1964

Reading Harold Lasswell's essay on "the public interest". Wherein he schematizes morality. I am reminded of the forced and mechanistic attempts of a man quite cold to women to make love so as to prove his interest. H. L. cannot operate in the field of creative value. He doesn't believe in passion. He chooses as a matter of 'taste' not belly.

August 21, 1964 midnight Princeton

Back from 2 days at the beach, hot from sunburn, muscles weary from over-exercise.

Women -- Let people become, then be called women. Mathematical equality is nonsense. We can only let people be what they would be and then see what their sex happens to be. Never will women be treated the same as men, no more than men are raised and dealt with as men. Indonesians grow rice, Canadians what: are they to be forcibly made both, to grow rice or wheat? Must anything a woman does be unacceptable unless it is exactly what most men do, granted that "most men" can be found doing anything?

August 22, 1964 Saturday 2 PM

The American Republic will not be a full nation and a confident power until it rejects its own history. All voices assert the contrary: that unity and self-confidence must come from valuing our past. They are wrong.

Not an American lives but whose soul does not rankle at the injustices heaped upon him here in the United States. Even where such injustices are few, they need exaggeration, lest those who are historically privileged become blind to the anti-historical needs of the vast number.

Once the past is denounced and ripped to shreds, it can be rediscovered. it has to be so. A country must have a past. But the new epoch is only introduced by at the very least a ritual destruction of history and at the most the great destructiveness of the French and Russian Revolutions.

When the new order arises, it will then be everybody's new order.

* * * * *

The Negroes as the innocent cause of the incomplete fulfillment of the idea of the republic in America 1600s to 1932 (Abe Lincoln clearly discerned and described the defeat of the republican idea in slavery -- showing that there was no logical end to the exclusion of groups from citizenship) and as the similarly innocent cause of the destruction of the republic, 1932 to ?, when the separation of power, federalism, free enterprise, private property, civil liberties (except Negroes) and other institutions disintegrate.

August 22, 1964

Racial disturbances manifest themselves in NYC. The favorite Negro slogan is "police brutality". The whites regard them as anti-white. They are, of course, both.

But the more provocative, more tangible, more important politically therefore are police procedures.

The poor feel the police hard.

Every opportunity should be seized to reorganize and reform the police force.

August 28, 1964

To Do Before December 1 Departure

1. Edit and Mail Rep. article (call John re cite) 1

2. Write Memo on apportionment theory 3

3. Edit 3 memos of John on apportionment 3

4. Read and sign McCune-Miller contract 1

5. See Jay Hall 4

6. Call Nagle 2

7. Write Cath re time of arrival and alert Buzz (do in London) 1

8. Phone Dad & Mom 1

9. Arrange October issue of ABS for printer 4

10. Sketch out revised plan for year 4

11. Pack (include Congress mss) (bring Poetry) (passport) 2

12. Mail Rabinowitch letter. See Velikovsky Noon Mon. 2

13. Check print-out of Spec IR codex for State Department 2

14. Clear desks of miscellaneous matters 2

15. See Ed (& Don) (out of town) 5

16. See Baroody to get Codex Financing 3

17. Write Gill Gunn re A-G book 1

18. Call John Dryfoos 1

19. Write Dichter Review 3

20. Write letter for Moreno 1

21. Call Julia 1

22. See John Appel 1

23. Call McCune 1

24. Pull Stuff for Sara 1


46 hours

12-1 Velikovsky

1-2 Eat

2-3 Pack

3-4 Phone calls

4-5:30 visit

5:30-7 To NYC

7-10 letters and ABS

10-12 Pack at 6 Washington Square and work

Index Major Categories CODEX


1 Time/Space Setting 4 5 Specific nations

2 Institutional Role 1 3

3 Organic type 1 3

4 Personality 1 3

5 Values 2

6 Tactics 6

7 Scope of Universe 4 1 3

8 Value-profile 2

9 Ethical Preference 7

10 Method Field 8

11 Concepts 8

12 Logic 8

13 Observation 8

14 Interview 8

15 Questionnaires 8

16 Tests 8

17 Sampling 8

18 History 8

19 Content Analysis 8

20 Retrieval of Information 8

21 Audio-Visual 8

22 Models All

23 General Theory All

24 Judgments 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


August 1964

Notes. We are all individualists whether we like to believe so or not. To be not so, a man must accept as the rule of life and of action that quality of nature that causes the infinite repetition, without recourse, of all things. This indefinite [way] of projection and proliferation is paradoxically practically nothingness. Selectivity in all things is the quality of man alone against the world. When people cry out against individualism they do so as different personalities, as madmen, as suicides, and only as the latter are true anti-individualists.

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