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May 5, 1964 9 AM

A propos of Jessie's gloom this AM --

No parent can emerge from his child's adolescence unscathed.

May 30, 1964 AM

Rise and Roar

Arise and Writhe

Get up and Gloom

Sit up and Sing

Mozart's String quartet, "The Hunt," cantering along chirping the sweet honey days of stay-in-place peasants and gallant light cavalry.

With whom should the musician communicate? With whom the painter? With whom the poet? Or even the scientist? Or everyone!

Freedom is the ability to communicate with an audience of one's own choosing.

Man is wretchedly far from this idea. He doesn't see it either:

-- He is conservative, in which event he says: How wonderful the old days -- when a Mozart could be supported by a nobility and write his beautiful music.

-- He is anarchistic and says; How dreadful to have to communicate! I create only to please myself.

Mozart was pathetic because he had to write for one audience. True, many artists, not conscious and bent upon freedom, will see in any job, liberty. Who could bring forth in olden days the pure conception of freedom as that of choosing one's communicants? The solipsist who creates for a world of himself, like Mozart, will find unconsciously in art the profound expression of others than himself, like Mozart's nobility. For we are all noble and like such music and all can be caught up even by the universal that laces through a revelry of self-expression.

Still more true and controlled and therefore more free is the artist who says: I speak to whom I please, and I please to speak to such-likes. If I please others, so be it. Thus it is that the love-poem sung to a One is not absurd -- it is logical and truly free art. If we all do not like it for not being universal and eternal, we need not like it but we are not correct if we give other reasons.

May 30, 1964

Sketch for an ironic speech

Oratio contra Hebrai

by Herman Sheffler

1. "The Jews claim too much.

In the arts

In medicine

In religion

2. "Truth is that none of these so-called Jews were Jews." Moses, Freud, Proust, Bernstein, etc.

3. In fact, there is no such thing as a Jew (Sheffler is now carried away by himself.)

4. (But he recovers) Therefore

"It's a lousy Jew trick to assert that Jews exist!"

* * * * *

May 31, 1964 Sunday Princeton 9 AM

"Creatics": The Invention of Invention

Creatology: Science of Invention of Invention

There is need for a discipline that will bring together all aspects of control over creation, invention, innovation.

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