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October 9, 1962

Ate John's leftover sandwiches, banana, cake. Too much to drink perhaps -- 2 doubles, 2 glasses wine. Stuffiness. Napped 1 hours. Poor policy on a heavy stomach. Awakened by rain, raincoat wrapped around. Fuses and coffee. Replaced fuse. Drank coffee. Smoking cigarette. Outline of social science classification, by Barbara Kyle; Not so impressive now as it was before I ate but exciting to read someone on my beam. More bodily uneasiness. I should be more moderate. I drink and eat and worry and rage and rush too much, "try" as I may not to. Now see what I have to do immediately:

5 Read and edit 200 pp. of mss.

2 Fill out NSF application

1 Write Dexter on the special Space and Society Issue

8 ? Begin book on Representative Government (2 months)

1 Write 2 letters (re India, etc.)

4 Assign duties to 6 assistants

6 Prepare lectures

6 Give lectures

4 Misc..



How many hours will this amount to? I should do this in next 3 days. (Quite impossible for other things come up.) Then, as soon as possible, annotate 100 works for Nov. bibliography. And get onto the Rep. Gov. book in depth (2 hours writing a day every day for 60 days plus any needed research)

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