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September 7 - 12, 1961

The Long Weekend

Thursday to NYC

NYC - espresso

late night

Early AM to catch the plane - overnight on the plane.

Chicago - O'Hare to home


The gypsy funeral

Mrs. Ferris' love

Santillana and nap

Telephone calls: (Vic de G, Bill Steinbrecher, Int'l Film, George de Huszar)

De Huszar book on Intelligentsia.

Communism Film

Institute of national Strategy

Barbara (his wife)

Volley Ball

from Theater Club

The Girls

Hamburgers - the beautiful man


Howard (Blencoe). How I felt in AM

Walk with Dad

Roy Carlson re AT (Miriam's brother)

The bakery

The theory of economies - Dad's system of purchasing and set of values. My system of purchasing and set of values. Does economic theory embrace this phenomenon? Does marginal utility theory do it? Or is a new concept born in this pair of action-

idea sets in relation to this incident.

George (Steinbrecher) and Howard Wilcox

My father's deafness - eyesight

Don Quixote

George Moore

Dinner - lasagne imbotito, wines

Vic - The family - little ones

- Seaways

- films

- Rep.-Dem.

The heat is terrible

Morning walk 7 AM to lake (from 1245 W. Addison)

Swim in the lake

Waffles breakfast

Sleep and read

Klaus - Lucille separated

Vic - dinner at his house

- how to arrange research

Everote - Ency Brit. Film


Greene at al - International Film Bureau, Inc.

September 13, 1961

Memo from METRON, INC.

Events have come to such a pass, that the only way to save democracy is to abolish it.

September 1961

Preventive Politics is the detection, study, and solving of problems involving deviations and controversies.

Positive Politics is the guiding of society to its goals by means of intelligence, choice and plan, and tactical action.

(September 1961 ?)

Memo from METRON, INC.

The single variable in social science is the Cheshire cat's grin of scientific method.

You never get a cause in any variable, when you pursue it to its end, e. g. effect of education in voting; e. g. factor of atheism in suicide.

(September 1961?)

Foreigners think Americans can't be very intelligent, since often they cannot express themselves at all well. Especially the Midwestern and Western type is indifferent to words, but the culture fosters irrepressibility everywhere.

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