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September 3, 1959


Read letter from Philomena Locke this morning asking for donations to the National Probation and Parole Association. May give a few dollars, but am stimulated to think about the kind of profound plan needed to combat "delinquency" (a word I don't like; I prefer the honest "criminality" or "bad behavior"). One activity of the association is foster homes for delinquent and neglected children. Not enough is done of this. The lead should be taken by the Philomena Lockes and the upper classes generally. As Stouffer's study showed, the "tolerant" are up in the social status hierarchy. If the custom of fostering the delinquent became widespread among the higher levels, i.e., 5-10% harbored such young, the whole problem would be eased all the way down the economic and educational line, including the groups producing the highest number of delinquents.

Why couldn't this program be begun in Princeton by a number of us fostering children according to a well-thought-out scheme ?

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